How to choose the best women's shoes for every style?


best women's shoes

From casual to casual or sporty styles, you should always choose a shoe model that "completes" your style in the best way, not a pair of shoes that only cover your feet! But how to choose which model of women's shoes with what type and style can we set? We suggest a simple method to find the best model of women's shoes; More crowded shoes for simple styles and simple shoes for patterned and crowded styles.

Of course, this rule, while very simple, can also be a little daunting. If in doubt about choosing a shoe for your feminine style, wear it, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself the following questions.

When I look in the mirror, is only a piece or a part of my clothes visible and is it significant in my style?

Is my style too crowded and every piece of style, shoes and accessories seem to compete with each other to be seen?

Are my shoes and clothes too tangled and look like a piece of each other?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes", it is best to go for another pair of shoes for your style that complements the model of skirt, pants, top, blouse or shirt you have chosen.

In the following, we will guide you to choose the best model of women's shoes for each type and style.

choose the best women's shoes

1. What model of women's shoes is suitable for each situation?

It does not matter how much you like the shoes you choose or how much you pay for them; If the shoes do not fit the situation you are going to, it is not a good choice.

Shiny high-heeled shoes are not suitable for the workplace, and toe sandals should generally not be used for any style other than the casual everyday type.

So how do we choose a women's shoe model based on the situation?

If you want to have a simple and permanent choice, you can follow two general rules; Flat shoes and dolls for everyday styles or small parties and formal high heels or pumps for every more formal and formal style.

But if you always follow this rule, your style will get a little bored. You can follow these rules, but give it a little variety. For example, play with colors, use more attractive colors, or use accessories such as bindings next to shoes.


The SOFA rule refers to the four words Season, Occasion, Formality, and Activity. That means you have to consider the season, the occasion, the level of formality and your activity. For example, if you want to go to a friendly party in the fall where you are going to have a lot of activities such as dancing, short heels or toe boots may be appropriate.

choose the best women's white shoes

۲. Depending on the color and design of the dress, what color should you choose for women's shoes?

Black shoes are amazingly functional, but the reason why most women choose this color for their shirt and style is that they do not want to take the risk of choosing a different and creative color!

But do not forget that choosing colored shoes for each style is a bold task that shows a special personal taste with a colorful, glazed and different style.

Let's first look at a few color selection rules and then look at the different colors of women's shoes separately.

If your dress has a pattern, go for women's shoes that are the same color as one of the parts of your dress design.

If your clothes are two colors, for example, you have chosen a two-color women's shirt or the color of your coat and scarf are different from each other, to choose the color of shoes or go to one of the two colors used in your style or a neutral color Select; Ninety colors or creams close to body skin color for women's chamber styles and white, gray, cream and black colors for everyday styles.

If your clothes are monochromatic, such as using a blouse, skirt or pants set, or choosing a plain women's shirt, the color of your shoes should be slightly darker (darker) than the color of your dress.

3. How to choose the color of clothes according to the color of women's shoes?

Now let's look at the color choice from the shoes side!

Black shoes: can be suitable for any style of color except for pastel colors or light neutral colors such as cream; Of course, in this case, if another part of the clothing, such as a belt or a black bag, is selected, you can use black shoes.

Brown shoes: You can wear brown, beige, orange, green and dark earthy colors (brown cream) with this shoe color.

Cream and light brown shoes: Suitable for women's clothing with light earthy and earthy colors, blue, beige, light cream and white.

choose the best women's shoes

Cream shoes: Suitable for women's clothing with white, light neutral colors and pastel colors.

White shoes: Suitable for light neutral and pastel colors.

Silver shoes: suitable for pastel colors as well as white, black, blue and purple.

Gray shoes: Suitable for styles with varying degrees of opacity and concentration of black, blue, gray, red, purple and yellow.

Golden shoes: Suitable for styles with different degrees of opacity and concentration of green, red, brown colors, as well as black and white colors.

4. How to use patterned women's shoes?

If you are using a women's shoe model that has designs and patterns on it, instead of matching your shoes with your clothes, you should first choose the shoes and then wear clothes that match it. So if your shoes have a design, choose the color of one of the designs and wear a dress of the same color.

5. The last golden tip!

Let's divide this final point into two parts.

best women's shoes for every style

First, if your clothes had a specific theme; In this case, look at the theme of the dress and try to choose the color or model of your shoes so that it "completes" it. For example, if the overall theme of your style is oil blue or crimson and white stripes, the best option would be red high heels!

Secondly, if no shoe fits your style, the hero of the shoes, that is, a cream-colored shoe close to the skin, or ninety, will come to your rescue. Of course, it is better to choose the color of this type of shoe so that it is as close as possible to the color of your skin.


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