Tall looks with a few simple techniques

Tall looks

These days, girls and boys are looking for taller heights, and to achieve this, they sometimes even resort to difficult surgeries such as height increase surgery; But it's not that hard to look tall, and it doesn't take that much trouble. With simple but clever solutions, you can look taller.

If you do not know these tricks, we will teach you these small and delicate points to have a great body.

Pay attention to the fabric of your clothes

To look taller, you should avoid wearing clothes with embossed designs and rough fabrics. Instead, choose dark, thin, soft fabrics. Fabric-patterned fabrics aren't for you at all.

fabric of your clothes

Wear clothes of the same color

The easiest way to look taller is to wear clothes that are the same color when you want to wear them. For example, choose a coat and skirt or even a coat and scarf. If you don't like the whole color, you can choose colors that belong to the same family, such as gray or blue and navy blue, for any outfit you wear. If there is no clear color failure all over your foot, you will look taller.

Do not wear loose clothing

If you're worried about short stature, we have to tell you not to go for loose pants. In general, in order to look tall, you should put aside clothes, especially loose pants. Instead, wear clothes that fit your body well to make you look more elongated.

Wear clothes with vertical lines

Don't forget that another secret to looking tall is to use vertical components and patterns in your clothes. For example, for the exercise class, choose warm pants that have vertical lines on the sides of your legs. If you choose the color of your pants dark and crimson and black with two white vertical lines on both sides of the legs, your legs will look taller. You can even use fabrics with embossed patterns on your clothes or ask the tailor to embroider your dress or mantle in such a way that it has vertical sashes.

Set aside wide, thick belts

If you are short, you should set aside loose, thick belts because they will make you look shorter. Instead, go for thinner belts that match your other outfits. If you can't even wear a belt, because you have to remove all the horizontal lines of your clothes from your clothes in order to look tall at all.


Use narrow croats instead of tall crocodiles and bow ties to look taller. Tuper, system and diagonal designs are very suitable.

Wear high heels

Wear high heels

Well, if you want everyone to fall in love with you, you still have to work hard on yourself. One of the hassles you have to give yourself is to wear high heels; But in order to be able to walk with these shoes for more hours, you should choose shoes that have a higher reliability level, for example, put aside sharp heels and go for square and wide heels.

Wear a V-collar blouse

Go for V-collar shirts and blouses. These shirts make your neck look longer and make you look taller.

Use jewelry

The women's hands are open to make themselves look taller. One way is to make long and bright jewelry lights. We recommend the use of long necklaces and long earrings.

Wear dark colors

Dark colors, especially black, make the body look thinner and help short people look taller. This also applies to light or medium weight fabrics. On the other hand, heavy fabrics make you look shorter and more slim.